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Zimbabwe Insurance, Companies & Insurance Quote

Insurance in Zimbabwe is done with insurance companies that are registered and licensed by the Registrar of Insurance by making the essential security deposits with treasury and after filing the annual financial reports, besides observing government regulations.

The main types of insurance are fire, life, automobile, accident and employers liability. However, the automobile third party liability is mandatory for all citizens in Zimbabwe. There are nearly to Zimbabwe insurance companies dealing with Zimbabwe business as per the records of 1980s.

Top providers

The insurance providers in Zimbabwe in 1996 included many companies, but complained about the regulations to be inappropriate. The Zimbabwe insurance includes companies leading in this sector and one of such leading global provides is AON Corporation.

Aon deals with insurance, human capital consulting and risk management services. Aon delivers distinct client value offering the best innovative as well as effective risk management, besides workforce solutions regarding productivity.

Aon is the leader broker since 1997 and is maintaining this position through integrity and teamwork. Insurance in Zimbabwe is very well operated by Aon Risk Services and their global presence enables to match talents and offer unsurpassed resources supporting the insurance industry.

Other providers

Insurance in Zimbabwe is an important sector and Aon is a pioneer market leader offering broad range of services such as program design, administration, legislation compliance and performance monitoring of asset managers.

The other insurance providers in Zimbabwe such as Harare offer various other insurance policies such as medical insurance, travel insurance, accident insurance and vehicle insurance. Harare Insurance works and makes people work their future plan in a simple, organized manner and helps in saving their money.

Insurance in Zimbabwe is best done by insurance companies in Harare and they are Zimbabwe Insurance Brokers Ltd and Capitol Insurance Brokers Pvt Ltd. However, the 2008 close showed assets in the form of various assets owned by insurance companies.

The importance of life assurance and insurance has come to light and hence people are investing in insurance. However, it is best to acquire few quotes and compare prices before settling to an insurance policy. The insurer should also look for the offers and the cover to be received under crucial situations.