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State Bank of Patiala Credit Cards

State Bank of Patiala Credit Cards come in the form of laghu udyami credit cards which offer the benefits like all other types of SBI credit cards. Let us now focus on different types of benefits and the advantages of these credit cards.

A laghu udyami credit card is meant for retail traders and for SME units traders who normally deal with all the bank terms and conditions for last 4 years. This particular card holder can enjoy the benefit of credit limit of max Rs.10 lacs.

The major purpose of launching this particular State Bank of Patiala Credit Card was to meet the SME and retail traders credit requirements. The margin of the loan amount is 25% and the amount is up to 10 lac.

The security required are primary receivables, machinery equipment etc. The rate of interest of Laghu udyami credit card is 2.5% for people below BPLR for the amount of Rs50000 and for above it is 1% of interest. The service charges of State Bank of Patiala Credit Cards are as follows. If the card holder is holding a non cumulative account then the minimum balance should be Rs.200 per quarter. The service charge for an ordinary cheque is Rs.2 per cheque leaf and for multicity cheque it is Rs.3 per leaf.

Charges applied in various scenarios:

Suppose the card holder applies for duplicate monthly statement then the charge applied is Rs.100 and for the stop payment instruction the amount charged is Rs.50. State Bank of Patiala Credit Cards can also be utilized to make the utility bill payment or for the online reservations.

The bill of laghu udyami credit card of state bank of Patiala is generated once in 30 days of time. The card holder must make the payment by picking any of his personal favorite choice from the list of choices available.

Suppose the card holder fails to make the payment then the credit card service will be deactivated and the card holder will not be able to enjoy the benefits of State Bank of Patiala Credit Cards.

The card holder would also have to make some additional payments for missing the due date.

You can get the information on application procedure of these credit cards via any of your nearby state bank of Patiala branch and hence you can apply in the branch itself in person.

The activation procedure of your request takes max of 5 working days to completely get processed.