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Karur Vysya Bank Credit Cards

Karur Vysya Bank started its journey in the year of 1916 and has been continuing its successful journey till date. This article speaks about various benefits and the feature offered by Karur Vysya Bank Credit Cards.

You can also find out the simple steps to apply for these credit cards and get the benefits out of it. Basically karur vysya bank offers two major types of cards known as debit cards and Karur credit cards.

Debit cards can be used for all your shopping purpose or for bill payment purpose only if you have sufficient balance in your account. Karur travel card is a kind of Karur Vysya Bank Credit Cards which can be used at a national level as well as an international level. Using KVB credit card one can not only shop but also can enjoy the pleasure of international trips in any point of time without any hassle.

It is a VISA international partnership based card which helps you avail all the benefits out of it.

How to apply for Karur Vysya Bank Credit Cards :

You can apply for Karur Vysya Bank Credit Cards online by simply logging on to official website of KVB. The application can be submitted online or in person. But the basic requirement to own a credit card of this bank is that an applicant should be holding a saving bank account or a current account in KVB.

The documents required to submit at the time of application is a copy of ID proof, a passport size photograph, an address proof, a copy of your IT returns or salary slip. The Karur Vysya Bank Credit Cards offer the credit limit of Rs.50,000 at minimum.

The processing period of your application form would take up to 4 to 5 working days. A card holder should clear all his previous loans after reaching the credit limit and then can get eligible to use the credit card once again having full credit limit.

The bill is generated once in a month and will be emailed to the card holder’s postal address or to the email id. If you have any queries or concerns about Karur Vysya bank credit cards application procedure or in case of any other issues you can contact the toll free number 1800-102-1916.

The detailed information of KVB cards and terms and policies are explained elaborately in the official website of Karur vysya bank.