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HSBC Bank Credit Cards

HSBC Bank is a top leading High Street Bank situated worldwide. The company deals with credit cards, loans and saving and current accounts for the customers of HSBC Bank. We speak about HSBC credit cards and the various types that are available. You can also see how to apply for your HSBC bank credit cards and the many benefits that these offer.

There are two different types of credit cards that are particular popular within the bank and these include the HSBC card and the premier credit card.

You can only apply for these credit cards if you already hold an account with the bank, and that you need to have paid more than £500 into your current account and be earning in excess of around £8,500 or more to be considered for any of these credit cards.

The HSBC card has no annual fee and has some great benefits which includes an additional card for a member of your family as long as they are over the age of 18, 24 hour assistance if you lose your card.

With the Premier credit card you will get many good benefits which includes an attractive loyalty points scheme, free travel and no annual fee.

Documentation required for HSBC Credit cards.

You will of course have to be able to supply relevant information with your application to be accepted at this bank which includes a copy of your up to date wage slip.

You will also need to be able to supply them with a copy of proof of your address which includes an up to date statement for your gas or electricity or a telephone bill.

A photograph, PAN card and also three months bank statements to be considered and these should also be sent in with your application form.

You will be sent a statement each month which tells you how much you have spent and also how much that you need to pay each month and when this is required to reach the bank.

This is commonly sent to the cardholders address.

You can also visit the official website of HSBC bank where you can either download your HSBC Bank credit card application forms or apply online.

There is also a telephone number where you contact them and discuss any worries or concerns that you may have on 0800 328 1296.