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Dena Bank Credit Cards

Dena Bank is a nationalized public sector bank located in Mumbai in India. The company supplies credit cards, savings accounts and also loans for the customers of the Dena Bank. Find relevant information below to see how the Dena Bank credit cards can be obtained and the different cards that are offer.

There is also information provided on which benefits comes with these cards.

This bank has some good popular credit cards including Advantage Platinum card, Gold & More card, and also the Advantage Gold card for customers of Dena Bank.

The Advantage platinum offers some great benefits which includes worldwide acceptance, and online bill payments. But there is an annual fee for this card of RS.2999.

The Gold & More card also has some good features which includes Flexipay instalment plan and also SMS alerts for customers, This has an annual of RS.499.

The Advantage Card Gold is also a good card for customers which includes benefits of having worldwide acceptance and also low interest rates. There is an annual fee on this card of RS.299.

Anybody that is applying for credit cards will also need to submit a proof copy of their earnings like a wage slip. They will also need a copy of address proof, photograph, PAN and also the last three months bank statement also need to be submitted when sending off for your application.

You will receive a statement of your account which takes place monthly. The actual bill will be sent to the cardholders address and the payment needs to be sent before the due date specified on the bill itself.

Otherwise charges will be added to your account. This statement lists all of the activity that has taken place on your account during that month.The statement will also have all the details of your credit card, including dates and times when you have used the card.

The Dena Bank credit card also has their own website where you can either download the application form of Dena Bank credit cards or you telephone them on the toll free number 1800 233 6427 where they will be happy to discuss any concerns that you may have regarding your application.

Or for any up to date information that you may require before submitting your application for a credit card. These are open 24/7 usually between the hours of 9am -6pm there is always somebody that can help you .