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Bank Of Maharashtra Credit Cards

Bank of Maharashtra is one of the largest banks situated in India., and opened its doors in 1935. This company supplies credit cards,loans and other services for customers of Bank of Maharashtra. Supplied below is information on how people can obtain Bank of Maharashtra credit cards and what different benefits are offered with these.

Which credit cards are the best from Bank of Maharashtra.

There is a variety of different cards that are available from this bank and you can apply for these cards if you are either in employment or self employed.

And receive a spending limit up to RS 30,000 there is a membership fee of RS.400 for these types of cards that are available through Bank of Maharashtra.

One that remains a popular favourite is the Indie card issued by this bank and is accepted in many outlets in India where the mastercard logo is displayed.

These have benefits like travel insurance up to RS.200 and accidental cover of up to RS.1.00 this card is issued to customers who have a deposit of one lac and also housing loan accounts and is more deisgned for people that are already members of the bank and not new customers.

Requirements for Bank of Maharashtra credit cards.

To become eligble for any of the credit card facilities with this bank you are going to need to send in relevant information like proof of income, like a wage slip etc., you will also need proof of your address and this will include gas and electricity statements, photograph, PAN card and at least the last three months bank statements should also be submitted along with your credit card application.

You will be sent a statement of your Bank of Maharashtra credit card and this is done on a monthly basis.

The bill will show all of your transactions in that month and also state how much that you have to pay before the specified period.

You can also apply for your credit card online or by downloading the application form that appears on the website of Bank of Maharashtra credit cards, you can also telephone them on the free toll number 1800 222 340 where you can discuss any queries or concerns that you may have.

Where they will be able to go through your application with you and be happy to help you with the information that you require.