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Banks/Banking in Mauritius

Banking in Mauritius is sophisticated with 20 licensed banks to undertake banking business. There are non-bank financial institutions authorized. However, all the banks here are free to do business.

The major banks have a dynamic banking system that is equally reliable. This banking system is controlled by the Mauritius Commercial Bank and has many small banks under them. The domestic bank assets approximately represent 100 percent GDP.

Top Banks

Top banks in Mauritius are MCB- Mauritius Commercial Bank. This is the largest and oldest banking institution that has retained its original name as well. MCB adapts to changes and meets all the new techniques to satisfy its customers.

State Bank of Mauritius Ltd has 42 domestic branches. It also has three branches in India. HSBC is also the largest financial and banking services organizations.

HSBC offers extensive financial services through its 11 branches including personal banking, consumer finance, financial planning, payments, cash management, project finance, corporate, commercial and institutional banking, trade and export finance, corporate finance, securities custody and financial markets.

Mauritius Post and Cooperative Bank Ltd is also one such major banks in Mauritius offering an array of products encompassing corporate banking, treasury services, personal banking and trade finance.

Standard Chartered Bank (Mauritius) Ltd is a renowned bank in Mauritius focusing its activities on international banking business and servicing network and international clients.

Deutsche Bank (Mauritius) Ltd is a global investment bank with profitable franchisee. Investec Bank (Mauritius) Ltd presents a combination of strategic acquisitions and substantial growth. The goal of this bank in Mauritius is to integrate business to international scale.

Other Banks

Banking in Mauritius with other banks is also very convenient as there are many banks featuring best services. Some of the banks are the Deutsche Bank Ltd, the Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd, African Asian Bank Limited, South East Asian Bank Ltd, the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd, Bank of Baroda, and many more.

The Banks here are dedicated in encouraging as well as upholding the economic and financial steadiness. These banks are devoted towards increasing consciousness and comprehending its duties and actions. Management of all the public debts and deposits is done in a methodical way.