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Uco Bank

The UCO Bank which was initially named as united commercial bank) is the oldest as well as the most major commercial bank of India came into being n 1943. It came into being in Kolkata.

During the 1942 the Indian movement, an Indian industrialist the Ghanshyam Das Birla came up with of this commercial bank. The bank started out with small business but continued the successful business later on.

The bank like other banks was nationalized including 13 other banks on July 13, 1969. In 1985 the name was changed to UCO by an act of Indian parliament.


Like other banks the UCO Bank also offers wide range of services for its customers. The most popular service i.e. credit and debit card the credit card and debit card service can be use around the globe.

However there is some the limit to the transaction that can be made from the credit card and debit card service. The limit of these services depends upon the demand of the costumer, policy of the bank and the account balance.

Like the credit and debit card service the ATM card service can also be used worldwide. Similar to the credit card and debit card services there is limit to the transaction of the ATM cards. The card can be used up to the withdrawal limit not more than that.

Personal banking:

The UCO Bank offers the personal banking for its costumer. The personal banking offers the loan plans for the costumers. The loan plans that are high on demand are the home loan, education or the student loan, loan for buying any auto, loan for buying any plot or any other property, loan for the mortgage and many other loan plans.

The personal banking also includes the insurance and retirement plans. The insurance plans are the home insurance, insurance of the property, auto insurance, health insurance, life insurance and many other insurance plans.

The retirement benefits are of various types i.e. when you are near to the retirement, when you reach the retirement and when you are living in the retirement.

Business banking:

The business or corporate banking is also offered by the UCO Bank. The business banking also offers the loan plans for SME (small, medium and enlarge) business.

The loans for the business are very long term business plans. The online banking is also very popular for the business banking. The online banking let the costumer to get online access to the costumer’s bank account.