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State Bank of Patiala

The rich history of the State bank of Patiala started when it was established on November 17, 1917 by His Highness Bhupinder Singh, the late Maharaja of the state of Patiala. It was originally named as the Patiala State Bank and it was a state owned banking corporation created for the main purpose of nurturing developments in agriculture, trading and industry in the region.

Its main functions as a state owned bank were the usual functions of a commercial bank as well as additional functions as a central bank for a princely state.

The operations and over all scope of the State Bank of Patiala underwent a total change merging of the state of Patiala with East Punjab States Union in 1948.

There were huge changes and reorganizations within the bank as they went under the management of the Reserve Bank of India.
It was then given the new name of Bank of Patiala and one of the best things that happened to this corporation was when it was incepted as a subsidiary of the State Bank of India in April 1, 1960 and it came to its present name.

The new milestone as a nationalized bank in India has given the bank greater chances for growth not just in size but also it acquiring larger volumes of business opportunities. Since then, the bank has enjoyed many glorious years as it played very significant roles in the banking industry.

In August 8, 2005, another historical event happened to this bank it networked all its existing branches with Core Banking solutions and it became the first fully organized Public Sector bank in India.


Currently, it has a network of 830 service outlets with 750 branches that can be found in all the major cities of the country; most are located in the states of Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Delhi, Gujarat and Kammu & Kashmir.

These branches cater to a varied group of clients with a main goal of creating a personal relation with each customer.


The bank offers various services like personal banking (savings accounts, diverse types of loans, etc.), NRI Services, Government Business, Internet Banking, Agriculture & Rural Banking and SME & Corporate Banking.

The types of loans being offered by the State Bank of Patiala are ideally provided to clients to enable them to take care of their finances without going through many hassles.

The bank personnel are friendly and they try to give quick and easy to understand responses to the clients’ every query. The State Bank of Patiala is a great business institution with a major goal of providing the best customer-friendly services.