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State Bank of Hyderabad

State Bank of Hyderabad was constituted in the year of 1941 under State bank act of Hyderabad. This bank has been creating various milestones over years and today has emerged out to be one of the successfully running SBI subsidiary banks.

This bank offers different sorts of personal scheme offers and commercial schemer offers by providing a simple and transparent banking facility for its customers. Speaking of various loan schemes of State Bank of Hyderabad, we can get started with some of the prominent types of loans.

Personal loan, educational loan, pensioner’s loan, housing loan, NRI loans, vehicle loan and more are the popular loans schemes of this bank. Each of these loans have it own set of requirements to be met by the applicant. One can get detailed information on each of these loan schemes on official website of the bank.

Interest rates of State Bank of Hyderabad

State Bank of Hyderabad offers an attractive interest rate for fixed deposit account and recurring deposit account holders. The fixed deposit account rate per annum is 9%.

You can apply for fixed deposit account of this bank simply via net banking facility or you can apply in person too. There are different kinds of tenure periods for the fixed deposit account and termed deposit account.

You can visit interest rate page of State Bank of Hyderabad website which gives elaborated information about each different types of interest rates and the updated interest rates for different accounts.

Services of State Bank of Hyderabad

Some of the popular services of this bank are credit card facility, debit card facility, net banking facility, ATM provisions and more. You can find many number of ATM branches of State Bank of Hyderabad all over India. This bank also offer the safe bank lockers which help you store your valuable jewelry and documents.

The charges applied are very low. You can also avail NRI bank accounts and international banking facility in this bank.

You can also open your Demat account via SBH which shoulders the responsibility of maintaining your demat account and all the online share market transactions done through your SBH demat account.

You can make RTGS and NEFT transfer via the online banking facility of this specific bank for a very less fund transfer charge.

The electronic fund transfer provision of this bank is highly secured and the system is highly user friendly and more simple.