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South Indian Bank

South Indian bank is one of the first banks of South India. This bank was established at the time of Swadeshi movement and is has still been maintaining existence in the market.

There are various branches and ATMs of this bank all over India. This bank has its own set of milestones which has made it appear different in its own unique way. South Indian Bank is the first private sector banks of Kerala which was established in the year of 1946.

This bank offers various services and features to its customers in the form of personal banking.

Personal banking services and features of South Indian Bank

You can open a savings account, a fixed deposit account, a recurring deposit account in this specific bank.

All you need to submit is the basic documents which help you get qualified to hold these accounts in this bank. If you would like to open savings account or fixed deposit account in this bank you have to submit a copy of your address proof, ID proof and a passport size photograph.

The rate of interest for fixed deposit is high for senior citizens than non senior citizens.

The rate of interest per annum for a fixed deposit account is 9% for non senior citizens and for senior citizens it is 9.5%. You can also avail the facilities of internet banking, credit card, debit cards and much more.

If you would like to avail internet banking facility, all you need to do is simply submit an internet application form and get your internet banking facility approved within three to four working days of time. You should keep your internet banking credentials highly confidential.

You can get the facilities like online funds transfer, online demand draft, online cheque, online e-statement generation and much more.
South Indian Bank also gives you the facility of credit cards and mutual funds insurance policies.

There are various types of insurance offered by this bank. For example life insurance, car insurance, house insurance, health insurance, online insurance are some of the popular types of insurance policies offered by this bank.

South Indian Bank also gives you the provision of international money transfer too. This is one of the best ways to consider international wiring for a very low money transfer charges.

For more information you can log on to the official site of this bank and get detailed information on various interest rates, fund transfer fee and more.