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Oriental Bank of Commerce

The Oriental Bank of Commerce initially came into being or was officially registered in Lahore, Pakistan on 19th February 1943. However rater on within approximately four years the bank was shifted Amritsar, India from Pakistan. The first chair man of the Oriental Bank of Commerce was the Late Rai Bhadur Lal Sohan Lal.

Initially it was a private bank but later, on 15th April 1958 the bank was being nationalized by the government. Now is one of the most popular public sector banks. There are more than 530 branches of this bank in different cities of India providing its customers in various ways.


The Oriental Bank of Commerce offers banking like never before. The ATM machines allocated with and without branches serves customers with its services whenever they need it. The ATM card can be used worldwide. However there is some policies and limits to the withdrawal of the money from the ATM machine.

The credit card and debit card service is available on both the current as well as saving account of the costumer. The credit limit depends on the demand of the costumer, the balance of the account and the policy of the bank. These services are also available for worldwide.

Fix deposit:

The saving account or the fix deposit account not only encourage savings but also offers interest on the saving. The fix deposit offers a fix amount of interest rate on the saving account.

The interest rate depends upon the policy of the bank, balance of the saving account and the standard interest rate. In case of high interest rate demanded by the costumer, money cannot be withdrawal from the account for some fix years or as decided in the agreement. For the low interest rate the costumer can make withdrawal of the money whenever he needs or whenever he wants to.

Internet banking:

The Oriental Bank of Commerce also offers internet banking for its customers. Internet banking allows costumer to perform various functions, hence making life easy for the costumer.

The internet or online banking allows the costumer to view the history of the account, balance of the account, get a complete bank statement, check the details of the transactions, transfer funds, make payments and many other services.

The internet or online banking only asks for the access to the internet and to register to the site of the bank according to the given details.