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Nationalised Banks in India

There are many nationalised banks and these offer us many services that includes credit cards, loans, savings & current accounts for the customers of Nationalised Banks in India.

You will find below some of the popular banks that are available and how you can apply for their services, and what great benefits that these services from Nationalised Banks in India can offer us as well.

Different Services offered by Nationalised Banks in India.

Thee are some popular nationalised banks which includes Bank of Baroda, Bank of India and also Indian Bank. You can apply for any of their accounts as long as you are in employment and are earning in excess of RS.1,50,000 the different services that they can provide for the customers are credit cards, loans, savings & current accounts and also forex solutions.

The Bank of Baroda has a great credit card on offer for its customers which has a revolving credit of RS.25,000 and you can receive a free personal accidental insurance cover. The joining fee for this type of card is RS.200 and a renewal fee of RS.400.

The Bank of India also offers us a credit card but you need to be over the age of 18 to be able to apply. And also comes with free personal accident insurance cover, there is an annual fee of RS.400 with the cards offered by this bank.

The Indian Bank also offers loans, savings & credit card facilities at their bank and the credit cards that are offered come with an attractive revolving credit of around RS.25,000 there is no joining fee but there is an annual fee of around RS.400.

What information is required by Nationalised Banks In India.

All people wishing to apply for the services of these banks needs to be able to supply additional information which includes proof of earnings like a wage slip, IT etc., they should also be able to give evidence of their home address like a telephone bill, photograph, PAN card and the last three months bank statements all of this should be submitted along with your application for the services that you require from the bank.

For your credit card and loan you will be sent out a bill every month which outlines any transactions that have occurred.

It will also stipulate when the due date is and when you need to make your payment by. It is very important that you send payment to reach them by this date to prevent any charges of being added to your account.

You can also visit the official website of Nationalised Banks in India where you can download your application form and there is a free number where you enquire about these services can provide by ringing 1800 2200 08.

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