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Indusind Bank

IndusInd Bank was established in 1994 by the Mr. Srichand P. hinduja. The idea and name of this bank was made after Indus Valley Civilization. The bank was inaugurated by the finance minister of that time Mr. Manmohan Singh.

The main aim was the social and economical development of India. The help and aid was collected from the community of NRI (non residence of India).

The total capital at the time was of 1000 million which was collected from two different sources, the NRI and the residence of the India. In 2004 the IndusInd Bank was merged with another bank i.e. Ashok Leyland Finance Ltd.

Banking for individual:

The IndusInd Bank offers the banking for individual. The individual banking offers many services. It offers the saving account of different types. Three most popular in them are the classic saving, easy saving account and young saver account.

The fix deposit is the type of saving account which pays you with the interest depending upon the balance of saving account. Saving certificates are also a form of saving account which is provided to the clients by the bank.

Loan program is also included in the banking for individual. The highly rated loan plans are home loan, property loan, education loan, buying a plot or any other kind of loan.

The insurance plan is also the part of the banking for individual offered by the IndusInd Bank. The insurance plans are of various types i.e. health insurance, education insurance, life insurance, property or land insurance an many more. The insurance benefits are provided to the person registered with these insurance plans.

Banking for business and corporate:

The IndusInd Bank also offers banking system for the business owner and corporate. For business owner special facility of payment and collection of money is provided to the owner of the business.

They are offered by the online banking which helps them transfer funds or make payment online. Special business solution is also provided to the business man.

For corporate banking various opportunities are provided to the corporate so that they can make good investment.

For investment purpose they are provided by the advices of the professional advisors which tell them where to invest money. The corporate banking also includes the information about the stock exchange market.

Looking at the details of the stock exchange market anyone can decide whether to invest money in it or not.