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Idbi Bank

The IDBI bank came into being in India in 1964. The basic founder was the parliament who wanted to bring credit development in the country. It was registered as the public sector bank.

The main aim was to make prominent development in the industrial and public development of the country. The bank is now 5th most popular and largest bank of the India providing large number of facilities and benefits to its millions customers.

Services and Mobile banking:

There is wide range of services offered to the costumers by the IDBI bank. The international credit, debit, master and visa card services are one of these services. Moreover the ATM card service can be used within or outside the country.

There is approximately 1300 ATM machine providing the full time ATM services to its clients. there are approximately 513 centers and 758 branches of the bank.

Mobile banking is an advance service offered by the IDBI bank.

The mobile service need to have GPRS service in you mobile. Using the mobile banking service the costumer can get access the current balance, information of the last few transactions; check book, mini bank statement, bill payment and check payment statement.

The mobile service needs to be getting activated from the bank.


The loans offered to the costumer are of different types.

Personal loan:

The personal loan offered to the costumer is short and long term loan plans. The common type of personal loan are loan for home, student loan, the auto loan, marriage or any other type of loan.

Business loan:

The business loan is for small or large scale business. The loan for business is for the people starting new business, facing loss in the business or the people who are trying to expand their business.

The business loan asks for the bank statement and the work permit. The business loan is long term plan with low interest rates.

Agri loan:

As the name indicates the agri loan is provided for the agriculture purpose by the IDBI bank. The agri loan is given or provided to the farmer for agriculture purpose.

The farmers who want to expand their farming facilities and want to adopt new technology for the improving their farming is provided with this loan. For the new farmer or the people who want to buy land for farming. The agri loan is a long term loan program which is based on the low interest rate.