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Icici Bank

The ICICI Bank was established in India in 1994. The promotion was initially made by the ICICI limited. In late 1990s the bank became a development financial institute. It offered many financial services for its customers. However in 1999, the ICICI bank become the only and the first financial institutes or company of the India.

Now the bank is one of the most renowned banks of the world having million of costumers enjoying their various services.


The credit card, debit card, master card, visa card etc can be used internationally by the costumer. The ATM machine is available with every branch of the bank.

Any one can use the ATM machine for 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week. However there is a limit to the withdrawal of the money through ATM machine.

Type of loans:

There are various types of loan programs offered by the bank to its customers. The most popular loan plans are:

Home loan:

Home loan is offered for buying a new home, purchasing any house or plot, re-building the existing one, mortgage and many other loans. The home loans can be small as well as long term loan plans depending upon the demand of the costumers. The home loan benefits are simply unbeatable.

Auto loan:

The auto loan offered by the ICICI bank is for buying the auto for personal or professional use. For the professional use the loan plan is known as commercial vehicle loan.
The auto loan has network of over 600 channels. The auto loan is a short term loan.

Personal loan:

As the name indicates the personal loan is for personal use of the costumers. The personal loan can be for marriage, education or any other personal reason. The personal loan can be of short or for long time period.

Insurance plan:

The bank also offers the insurance plans for the clients. The insurance plan includes life insurance, home or property insurance, education insurance, health insurance, auto insurance and many other insurance plans.


The retirement plans are offered by the ICICI bank. The retirement plan usually starts after the age of 60. The retirement benefits are for the people who are near to the retirement time or who are enjoying their retirement life.

Using the benefits of these retirements’ benefits anyone can peacefully enjoy their retired life.

Internet and mobile banking:

The ICICI bank offers internet and mobile banking. The internet banking allows the online access to the account. Anyone can make transaction and check the history of the account using this internet banking service.

The internet banking also allows transferring funds. The mobile banking allows the costumer to get a mini bank statement. Using the mobile banking you can check the current balance of your saving or current account.