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Bank of Maharashtra

The Bank of Maharashtra came into being on 16th September 1635. It was the premier bank of Maharashtra in India. The bank started its business with 10 million capitals.

However the bank showed prominent business in next few years. In 1969 the bank was nationalized by the government with many other banks. After nationalization the bank was expanded. The founder of the bank was late D.K. Sathe and late V.G Kale.


The Bank of Maharashtra offers many services to attract more and more costumer towards its banking system. The credit card and debit card service can be availed within and outside the country to serve their customers.

The limit of credit and debit card service depends upon the choice of the costumer as well as the amount of balance currently present in the account of saving and current account of the costumer.

Moreover the ATM service is also offered by the Bank of Maharashtra. The ATM service can also be used worldwide. Other then the ATM machines attached to the bank there are many ATM machines in different places of the cities. The ATM service can also be availed outside the country.

The bank also offers the DEMAT service for its customers. The services of DEMAT varies from costumer to costumer.

The function of the DEMAT are dematerialization, rematerialisation, freeze or unfreeze account, changes in the account and many more services.


The Bank of Maharashtra offers many loan services. The most wanted or popular loan plan offered are the home loan, student or education loan, loan for purchasing property or plot, for agriculture, for first mortgage, for housing scheme, for security purpose and for large or small scale business.

Most of these plans are long term loan plans with very low interest rate and long period of pay back ability. The long term loan plans are prefer by the costumers.

Internet banking:

The Bank of Maharashtra also offers internet banking for the business and individual use. The internet banking let the costumer to get access to their current or saving account.

Using the internet or online service allows the costumer to change the current settings of the account, view the entire history of the account, check detail of the last transaction made, make online transaction, transfer funds within the same bank or to another bank account and many other services for online banking.

The costumer need to have the access to the internet to avail all these services.