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Andhra Bank

Andhra bank was found on 20th November 1923 and the proper business was started on 28th November 1923 with a paid capital of 1 Lakh rupees and authorized capital of 10 Lakh rupees.

This bank crossed many milestones and its total business stood at 83,256 Crores rupees on 30th June 2008 with around 1.74 Crores rupees. This bank has a huge network of services through 2139 business channels, 1371 branches, 66 extension countries, 38 satellite offices and 664 ATMs over 21 states and 2 union areas as at 31st June 2008.

The branches of Andhra bank are 100% computerized. It is a pioneer with other banks in introducing credit card system in India.

Moreover, recently this Andhra bank is recently going to CBS (centralized core banking solutions) and already 118 branches have transferred there and 550 branches were to transfer by September 2009.

Andhra bank launched the internet banking facility (AB INFI net) for its customers.


Like other bank the Andhra bank also offer the credit card and debit card service for its costumer. The credit card and debit card service can be used internationally i.e. within the country as well as outside the country.

The limit of these cards depends upon the choice of the costumer, policy of the bank or the credit currently present in the bank account of the costumer i.e. current or saving account. The ATM service is also offered by the costumer.

The ATM service is an 24*7 service for the costumer which means it is providing the complete service to the costumer whenever they need it.


The loan is also offered by the Andhra bank. The loan plans of high popularity are of loan term plans with very low interest rate.

The low interest rate offers long time to pay back the loan amount to the bank. the home loan, education loan, property or plot loan, loan for security, loan for auto are the most wanted loan plans offered by the bank to its customers.

Online banking:

The Andhra bank offers the online or internet banking. The internet banking serves the best to the business use.

The business man transfer the salary of the employees using the internet service, to check the current balance of the account, to view the bank statement, to view the history of the bank, to change settings or services of the plan, to pay online bill and many more services.