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Banks/Banking in Denmark

Denmark presents a diverse, but stable and well-developed system of banking. The largest banks in Denmark control 70% of the activities. There are many Danish banks both savings and commercial. There are foreign banks as well, however all the banks in Denmark are regulated by the Bank Inspectorate under the Banking Act. The banks here have assisted in strengthening the economic status.

Denmark top Banks

Banking in Denmark is simple owing to the existence of number of top banks in Denmark namely, Jyske Bank private banking, Danske Bank, Nordea, National Bank, and many more. The Danske Bank is an immense bank and the leader of the Scandinavian share market. It is continuously expanding branches and has corporate service branches in Hamburg, London and Poland.

The Jyske Bank is also publicly owned bank and ranks second in Denmark. It has its headquarters in Silkeborg and its branches are in Germany, France, Poland, Netherlands, UK, Switzerlad and Gibraltar. This bank emerged owing to merging of other four banks of the mid-Jutland area.

Nordea is based in Stockholm and is one of the results of mergers of Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish banks. It also has branches in UK, Germany, New York, Singapore and headquarters in Luxembourg.

National Bank is the central bank that issues Krone, the Danish currency. The main motto is to ascertain a stable position of its currency, Krone. It handles the functions related to the Danish central government policies regarding debts.

Other top banks

The other top banks in Denmark are Syd bank, Spar Nord Bank, Nykredit Bank, Roskilde Bank, FIH Frhversbank, Fiona Bank, Amagerbanken, Alm Brand Bank, and many more. Banking in Denmark with major top 4 banks is found to be convenient owing to its online banking facilities.

The Danish banks have always been in the forefront and during the emergence of e-commerce, majority of these banks resisted development. However, on the introduction of pure Internet banks in 1998-2000, all top banks launched extensive initiatives bringing the former banks back and put the internet banking system to pilot. Eventually, in 2003 over 30% Danish customers began using the internet. Now, there are many financial institutions in Denmark with internet technologies and applications.